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Construction Projects 


Building an extension is an exciting project. After all, it will deliver the extra space you need in your home without the hassle of moving to a new one. It might also help you create the more open layout you want on the ground floor, and provide a better link from your home to your garden.

If it's more space that you require, you can get an affordable quote from us to create this space for you. We can complete an extension, a loft conversion, an annex and much more.   We design and plan a project from start to finish.  No work is too big or too small.   If you need a full house renovation, want more space but not sure where to start, have a commercial property/space that requires sprucing and more space - give us a call. As part of our service you will receive a FREE no obligation measurement and quote service, As part of the consultation you  will receive  a full 3D CAD design before going ahead,  This is so you can view your final results before you have closed the awesome deal!
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